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My portfolio #24: Marriage ain’t no thing


Since getting engaged last year I have become an expert on all things matrimonial. This story appeared in the February 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan.

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My portfolio #16: Handsome men (and me) say nice things about ladies

Cosmopolitan corralled a bunch of celebrity blokes and some guy who used to edit a men’s magazine to share their thoughts on what they wished women knew. They ran that stupid editor’s letter photo of me again. I really need a new headshot. This story ran in Cosmo‘s August issue.

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My portfolio #15: Dissing Gosling and other crimes

Wimins say the darnedest things, don’t they? This searing piece of social commentary appeared in Cleo‘s August issue.

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My portfolio #12: I’m also an expert on pubic hair

Versatile, did you say? Yeah, I’m versatile. One day, US politics; the next day, sport; the day after, female pubic hair. If there’s something to be said about something, chances are I can say it. Is this the mark of a great writer, or just an incredibly gifted one? You be the judge. This column appeared in a recent issue of Cleo.

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I’m a relationships expert. For real.

This was me saying approximately 60 words during a five-minute segment about romantic gestures on Today in July 2010. The best thing about this video is Hugo the enormous turtle.

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My portfolio #9: I want those salad tongs back!

Vanessa Lawrence at Grazia magazine briefly interned at FHM Australia. I must have been nice to her because she commissioned me to write this little thingy for them. It appeared in a March 2012 issue.

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