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Talking men’s magazines with ABC radio

I spoke to Libbi Gorr on her Sunday show on ABC Melbourne on February 3. We talked about men’s magazines and whatnot, off the back of my Crikey piece.

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My portfolio #23: In defence of men’s magazine writers

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 10.09.35 AM

In response to a much-derided Stephen Marche story on Megan Fox in the February issue of Esquire, I wrote this piece about men’s magazine writers for Crikey. It appeared on Thursday, January 24, 2013.

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My portfolio #13: I also write advertorials

The good folk at Dos Equis sponsored an FHM event in 2011. I had the distinct pleasure of writing the advertorial they ran in our June issue that year. I also highly recommend checking out their series of “Most Interesting Man in the World” videos on YouTube. Start with this one.

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My portfolio #11: My final editor’s letter

I really didn’t hit this one out of the park like I hoped I would, but my picture is kinda poignant/funny. I also love the fact that the last ever editor’s letter page in FHM Australia history features Steve Urkel.


My portfolio #10: I construct a prime minister out of pieces of old ones

All this talk about weak political leadership on both sides of the floor got me thinking… What if we could construct a national leader comprised of the best attributes of other great statesfolk? Like, John Howard’s wicked bowling arm and Joh Bjelke-Petersen’s passionate defence of civil liberties? John and Joh didn’t make the cut in the end, but click on the image above to see what did. This appeared in FHM Australia‘s final ever issue, May 2012.

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Mediaweek picks my brain about men’s magazines

On the back of FHM Australia‘s 150th issue (the 52nd issue I’d worked on), I spoke to Mediaweek about the magazine and trends in the men’s market. Terrible headshot of me included.

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My portfolio #8: How to get a wholesale discount on some sweet golf clubs

I’d been eager to get into golf in a big way for years, but needed the right clubs and some expert tuition to make a proper go of it. But good clubs and golf lessons cost mon… Hang about. What if I did a story about it in a nationally distributed men’s lifestyle magazine? I’d get the five-star treatment and probably some neato custom Callaways in the process. Genius! This story appeared in the March 2012 issue of FHM Australia (in unrelated news, the magazine folded two months later).

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My portfolio #7: US politics summarised in under 700 words

When the editor of FHM Australia (me) decided to do a US election primer, he asked his chief political writer and resident US politics obsessive (me) to do the job. The filed copy ran to about 1400 words, but one of FHM‘s crack sub editors (me) hacked it back to the required 700. This appeared in the February issue.

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My portfolio #6: Martin delivers a Howard beat-down

At the end of this interview, Ray Martin, Lego-haired legend of Australian journalism, thanked me for my “intelligent questions”. Best. Moment. Ever. He came into the studio to be shot, too. We liked the idea of him being under the microscope for a change, which is what inspired this interrogation room setup. Never mind that it looks a bit more like an electric chair… This Q&A appeared in the January 2012 issue of FHM Australia.

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My portfolio #5: The thumb wars

Those generous (and rich) folk at Activision flew me to Palm Springs to attend one of their famous Call Of Duty review events. These things have reached near-mythical status among the pasty, Red Bull-guzzling gaming set, such are the lengths Activision goes to to make the humble game reviewer feel like a rock star. My Modern Warfare 3 review appeared in the December 2011 issue of FHM Australia.

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