My portfolio #22: The Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort

I profiled Jordan Belfort, the infamous “Wolf of Wall Street” for Men’s Style. He was in town promoting his new, hopefully-less-illegal business venture. Nice guy. Short.

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My portfolio #21: How to own the apocalypse

My first feature for Men’s Health Australia. This story appeared in their December 2012 issue. Thanks to dep ed Luke Benedictus for making me look good.

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My portfolio #20: Reluctant musings on breasts for Cleo

You would imagine that being invited by one of the country’s premiere women’s magazines to write an opinion piece about why boobs are great must be among the greatest honours one could bestow upon a male journalist. But truthfully, I was a little uncomfortable with the notion, not least because I’m trying to avoid being typecast as “ex-FHM editor Guy Mosel”. Still, I think I managed to write something vaguely entertaining without coming off like a sniggering masturbator. Read it and let me know what you think. This appeared in Cleo‘s December 2012 issue.

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Talking Bathurst with ABC Radio

I spoke to Geoff Hutchison from the ABC Drive program in Perth on Monday, October 8. We talked about about my piece in The Punch on the Bathurst 1000 and the death of the larrikin.

I give my radio voice a seven out of 10.

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My portfolio #19: What the Bathurst 1000 says about “boganism”

This piece ran on The Punch on Monday, October 8. Click on the picture to go through to the story or click here instead.

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My portfolio #18: I argue for beauty over brains

Sticking it to nerds, in Grazia‘s July 30, 2012 issue. And, no, the irony of my own nerdiness is not lost on me.

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My portfolio #17: Big, bad Clive

I wrote this cracking profile on the outspoken and baffling mining billionaire Clive Palmer for Rolling Stone Australia’s August issue. My favourite bit is how my byline is flanked by two stars.

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My portfolio #16: Handsome men (and me) say nice things about ladies

Cosmopolitan corralled a bunch of celebrity blokes and some guy who used to edit a men’s magazine to share their thoughts on what they wished women knew. They ran that stupid editor’s letter photo of me again. I really need a new headshot. This story ran in Cosmo‘s August issue.

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My portfolio #15: Dissing Gosling and other crimes

Wimins say the darnedest things, don’t they? This searing piece of social commentary appeared in Cleo‘s August issue.

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My portfolio #14: The not-at-all-evil Empire


My close chum Danny Murphy, former FHM Australia deputy editor, is now editor of the very excellent Empire magazine, Australia’s foremost film publication. He needed a quick story written for the July issue and I, having little to do other than a load of washing, happily agreed.

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