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Another vision of “the future of newspapers”

If newspapers had a dollar for every time someone wrote a story about their future, they wouldn’t need to be looking to shift production offshore and cut editorial staff. But former Age editor-in-chief Michael Gawenda is worth listening to on the subject. His editorial in The Australian yesterday was a good ‘un. It’s behind a blasted paywall but if you’re creative you can probably get around that. The general gist was that papers should bin all the bullshit lifestyle sections and focus on what they’re good at: not breaking news, but providing rich, detailed narratives that provide a more in-depth experience than the read-and-forget digital world offers. He reckons for that kind of product, you might be able to charge as much as $4 for a daily newspaper. I’m not convinced about that, necessarily, but it’s good to see someone thinking outside the square for a change.

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Shaft? You’re damn right.

Good idea for a new magazine. Not surprised it’s Morrison Media behind it. Advertising bucks should be a cinch. I’m surprised it’s going to be as mining-focused as the write-up in The Australia suggests, though. Would have thought you’d be better off pumping it full of things wealthy mining blokes can blow their thousands on – cars, tech, home entertainment, etc – and leaving the augers and whatnot (I have quite the mining lexicon) to the more industry-skewed rags. Still, good luck to ’em.

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