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Some responses to my men’s rights feature


White Ribbon chairman Andrew O’Keefe penned a letter to the Herald, responding to some of the allegations about the work of White Ribbon Australia by a Men’s Health Australia (not the magazine, I should point out) representative. And while we’re talking about the MHA, they also had a view on my story, while Fathers 4 Equality posted the whole yarn on their blog.

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Talking men’s magazines with ABC radio

I spoke to Libbi Gorr on her Sunday show on ABC Melbourne on February 3. We talked about men’s magazines and whatnot, off the back of my Crikey piece.

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Talking Bathurst with ABC Radio

I spoke to Geoff Hutchison from the ABC Drive program in Perth on Monday, October 8. We talked about about my piece in The Punch on the Bathurst 1000 and the death of the larrikin.

I give my radio voice a seven out of 10.

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Mediaweek picks my brain about men’s magazines

On the back of FHM Australia‘s 150th issue (the 52nd issue I’d worked on), I spoke to Mediaweek about the magazine and trends in the men’s market. Terrible headshot of me included.

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Grown-up chat with KAK

I went on the now-defunct Mornings With Kerri-Anne show in February 2011 to discuss the issues of the day with Angela Mollard. I quite like my haircut.

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I’m a relationships expert. For real.

This was me saying approximately 60 words during a five-minute segment about romantic gestures on Today in July 2010. The best thing about this video is Hugo the enormous turtle.

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Guy Mosel: probably not sexist

A friend at Madison magazine invited me to participate in one of their “Madison Avenue” roundtable discussions. The question: “How sexist is Australia?” Kate Ellis, then Minister for the Status of Women, and feminist and academic Eva Cox were my fellow panel members. When I was introduced to Eva, she asked, “Are you surprised I don’t have pointy horns and a tail?” Eep! If she was trying to put me on edge it worked, but when the discussion began and she discovered I wasn’t the woman-loathing shaved gorilla she expected me to be, we got on a treat. I’m not saying there was a frisson, but she did leave her number for me on the back of a Woolies receipt.

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